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People Poll: Do you feel safe on campus?

“I don’t feel safe because there are a lot of drug dealers around campus. There are lot drunks roaming around and I heard someone got raped, so there seems to be a lot of safety concerns on campus.”
Britney Williams
art major

“The only time that I don’t feel safe on campus is at night, especially when I’m walking around alone. It feels very uncomfortable to me. I’ve seen people start fires on campus and people arrested too.”
Carolyn Perrick
undeclared major

“Not at all, I feel like the priorities are screwed up. The atmosphere is creepy. It always feels like something has gone down and no one wants to talk about it.”
Danielle Haugabrook
biology major

“I feel safe to a certain extent. The campus is kind of enclosed but still anyone can just walk on if they want.  I just don’t like how we have to check in and out when they know we are here.”
Akeem Shinholster
history education major

“I don’t really feel safe on campus because I don’t feel we have enough security that comes and checks the buildings.”
Shannon Strickland
athletic training major

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