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Sheen fired, Smith seeks young audience

So, who’s ready for spring break? I know I am! I brought out my flip flops, beach towel and hopefully I can snag me a hottie in hot Miami. No matter where you’re going—I pray that this break takes you somewhere—remember to have fun and let loose!

But before you do that, let me send you away with something to talk about while you’re in the car to your spring-filled destination.

So, apparently Charlie-boy-Sheen is not winning all the time or maybe his streak has taken a break. Who knows, but we do know that Sheen took Warner Bro.’s firing kind of personally. Knowing Sheen, he probably made it appear as though he did the firing.

It must be the tiger blood or his crazy warlock moves—we’ve got to get this guy’s secret. Anyway, while Sheen will be conjuring spells that will lead him to employment elsewhere, little Willow has been busy with her new video for “21 Century Girl.”

While the video is hot and I love her first single dearly, Willow has lost my attention with her latest one. I guess the track is attracted towards a certain age group (7-14 maybe, give or take).

All I can say about the video is that it’s centered somewhere in an African desert and there is a little bit of voodoo—that Sheen life, and I would like to add that I want some of that magical sand Willow and her friends kept pulling things out of—maybe I can get the iPad 2 out of it.

Even though I wasn’t fazed by Willow’s enjoyment about being a 21st century girl, I am a little concerned with Oprah and her network. I guess she can’t do it all because the Queen is about to fall off her throne with this little project.

Someone call the paramedics, or Charlie Sheen, to OWN so she can add some life to that station. I think it was better as Discovery Health. Maybe when the show finds its spark then one day, it can go toe-to-toe with ABC Family or the History Channel.

Ok, who watched “Stone Cold” Steve Austin return on WWE Monday night? If you didn’t catch that then you missed how history made a visit to the present! I love that beer- drinking, -ish talking wrestler. Meanwhile, Snookie will just have to wait for her WWE debut.

I know most of the ladies went on mediatakeout.com to see pictures of Chris Brown’s pe…well you know, his genitals. It seems like an ex of his one-upped him, “supposedly,” but I know better. Breezy is just trying to promote his new album F.A.M.E. with S.E.X.

That silly boy! Breezy needs to learn how to keep his privates private. Even if he doesn’t, Miley “Disney’s Rebel” Cyrus knows how to tell the media to screw off without getting her video banned in five or more countries like raunchy Rihanna did.

Cyrus hosted SNL over the weekend and did an okay job of not just poking fun at others—the Bieber kid, Lindsey Lohan, and even Fergie (poor Ferg, what she do to catch heat?) as well as herself. Oh Miley, you know how to enter the soft part of America’s heart—of course through SNL, duh!

Well folks, that’s all I have for you this week! Stay up and remember that spring break is meant to get loose, dance on a table top or two, and let all the stress go! Keep Pop Addict in your tweets and Facebook statuses. Deuces!

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