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“Good” celebrities go bad, GaGa gets fashion column

 Hey fellow pop addicts! It’s been a rainy week so far, hasn’t it? I really need to invest in some rain boots—any ideas anyone?   While you’re trying to come up with some places for me to go, I’m going to go ahead and dish out the dirt for this week!

 The State Trooper has been busy, busy, busy, I see! First it was the lady of Neo-Soul, Angie Stone, who I didn’t know had a bad bone in her body, that got caught driving on the road with a suspended license and a warrant.

 I know….what? Yes, I said it—Angie Stone. Now, NY’s favorite “ballin’” bad boy rapper Jim Jones got snatched up for the same thing.

 What is wrong with you guys? How do you forget that your license is suspended? You don’t! Quit being cheap and pay your tickets!

 While Stone and Jones are stuck at the red light handling traffic violation issues, Jigga Man’s old lady Beyonce Knowles Carter, the international diva herself, gave her pops Matthew Knowles the green light! Mrs.Carter told her pops that he will no longer be her manager.

 Even though he won’t have his main diva holding down those pockets, Knowles still has Sunshine Anderson (you know the one who sings “Hear It All Before”) and Tiffany Evans…okay, I think he should start begging for Beyonce to come back.

 I bet I know one team who isn’t begging for Lebron James return. Oh yes, the Cavs!

 James got served Tuesday night against the Cavs. Now the Lakers are not the only ones in the “I lost against the Cavs” corner! Lebron just got reminded that he doesn’t make the team—the team makes the player!

 While Heat fans suffered humiliation and blamed their loss on human-ostrich Chris Bosh, Rihanna still continues to stir up heat with a tell-all interview with Rolling Stone!

 You would think little miss Raunchy would move on and quit dropping Chris Brown’s name for publicity, but the heffa can’t get enough.

 She revealed things about her blacking out from moonshine in Mexico to being sleazy and “sexting” Breezy.

 Will somebody please give her the attention she needs before she gets too drastic and naked pictures of her pop up out of no where?

 Someone who is not craving attention, but is getting it freely is Lady GaGa of course! V-Magazine has had its eye on GaGa for a fashion column.

 The Lady has obliged to fill the world in on her insights and her first piece will run May 12. V is about to find its inner Mother Monster!

 While GaGa is sharing her monstrous intel on the fashion world, everybody needs to hit up YouTube and hear Snoop’s new hit featuring Kanye West, “Eyez Closed.” The track was produced by Kanye himself so you know you won’t be disappointed. I’ve already downloaded it!

 But the new artist of the week to look out for is this crazy-cute gothic chick named Porcelain Black! 

 Her single featuring Lil’ Wayne, “This is What Rock ‘N Roll Looks Like,” is something else—in a good way. The video is wild! So in your spare time check that out. Foresee this chick going all the way.

 Ok addicts, this is all I have for you guys and gals this week! Be on the look out for Katy Perry’s video for E.T. that premieres today at 7:53 p.m. on MTV (weird time huh—illuminat-ish). Anyway, keep me in your tweets and Facebook status…until next time, stay up and much love.    


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