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Baby bump, reality shows, hit singles in, football out

 Hello fellow pop addicts! This week’s weather has been like a rollercoaster, hasn’t it?

 So who’s ready for this week’s dirt? I know you are because I have some treats for you!

 All the big ballers who didn’t find it smart to invest are about to be hurt big-time with the lockout.

 So with Sundays and Mondays gone, what will the poor fans do with their time? Hockey anyone?

 Even though the NFL labor union and owners are at it about who’s making more bread, Miss Britney Spears is buying champagne to celebrate her brand-new album, “Femme Fatale,” making No. 1 on Billboards. 

 Mary J. Blige fans can be on the lookout for her eleventh album, “My Life II: The Story Continues,” to drop Sept. 20.

 Well Bobby Ray is “beefing it up” in hip hop with this guy from Odd Future—Tyler, The Creator.   I thought that B.o.B would be the last MC to lower himself to something as silly as playing tag just to diss a rapper, but I see he had to put a stop to the kid who has no future.

 Remember when I told you all last week Beyonce dropped her father for a new manager (her hubby)? Well, Miss Raunchy Rihanna isn’t having it.

 There are rumors circulating that Rihanna is very upset with Jay-Z over his latest “transaction,” and it could be the end of her with the Roc Nation.

 Rih Rih can be jealous of Bey all she wants because every pregnant woman in America wants to know how the heck Mariah Carey got her belly to look so freakin’ gorgeous!

 She posed topless for Life & Style and showed America her beautiful pregnant belly.    Ready for another reality TV show with more wives? If so, then I got some exciting news.

 According to the infamous celebrity gossip of TMZ, there will be an airing of The Wrestlers’ Wives soon.

 The show will be looking at the lives of Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman (Booker T’s wife), Stacy Carter (Jerry Lawler’s ex-wife) and Jackie Haas (Charlie Haas’ wife).

 Good luck to whatever station picks up this show—but you really can’t go wrong with crazy, dramatic menopausal women.

 Well addicts, this is all I have for you all this week! Hopefully this weekend will bring some good weather so we can sit out in the sun and have some fun!   Keep Pop Addict on your FB wall and Tweet me @ohmiidarling! Stay grounded and keep your focus, deuces!

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