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Greeks put on step show for charity

Greek Week came to a close with the College Pan-Hellenic Council’s (CPC) annual step show Tuesday night, which donated all proceeds to the Partnership Cancer Fund.

Each sorority presented a fun theme to their performances. From Kappa Delta’s “Insane Asylum” to Phi Mu’s “Ballin Out” theme, the audience enjoyed the show and some were even surprised at the sororities’ step skills.

“I really enjoyed the show, each sorority did something different,” Breyanah Watson, sophomore childhood education major, said. “You can tell that everyone was really having fun with it.”

First up was Chi Omega who followed the classic “Twilight Zone” theme.

They also included traditional steps and stepped to different genres from hip hop to dance.   The Chi’s also used umbrellas in their routine.

Kappa Deltas also performed with straitjackets and gymnastics as well.

Students enjoyed the Kappa Deltas and their routine. “It was appealing to see them dance with the straitjackets,” Amber Williams, sophomore anthropology major, said.  “I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.”

Kappa Delta member and junior communications major Holly Smith was happy with her sorority’s performance.

“It was great to be a part of,” she said.

VSU’s newest sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, performed during the halftime show while the judges calculated the scores.

Phi Mu performed second, taking home the first place trophy and a $1000 cash prize to their philanthropy, The Children’s Network.

The sorority went with a basketball theme and incorporated gymnastics into their routine.

Phi Mu also previously won the homecoming step show in October.

Alpha Delta Pi took home second place with their “P90X” themed performance and also $500 dollars to their charity of choice.

Third place was Chi Omega with their “Crunk Fest” theme; the sorority won $200 dollars towards their philanthropy.

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  1. I am not Greek, however, I do think this article needs some work. Also, to the comment above me, I did not see anywhere that “Kappa Delta” stole the show of the article. You must be in one of the other organizations that won. I believe you all got credit. The organizations that won were recognized for their winnings. Sorry, that comment above me just seemed a little selfish.

  2. I have heard countless discussions about how ridiculously sloppy this article was, and I am finally seeing it for myself. I really hope this is a learning experience for the author. I don’t see how you did such a poor review. In the beginning of the article you had the correct themes, yet in the end you said something totally different? How did you manage that?! I am sorry to the members of ZTA for not once being recognized, and I am somewhat confused on why the majority of this article’s content focuses on kappa delta, instead of the sororitities who actually placed or the purpose of this show? We were at the show, we know what went on! Clearly you should attend if you are going to write about something. If you did attend…..all I can say is wow.

  3. CLEARLY you know nothing about greek life. You just called Chi Omega or “Chi O” the “Chi’s.” Also pretty much everything you said was wrong. ADPi did crunkfest, Zeta did P90Z, and Chi O did Twillight Zone. This is probably the same person who wrote that ridiculous article about the DAVIS/POWERS vote. If DAVIS is elected into office, the first fee that needs to go is whatever we pay in student tuition that goes to the spectator for their sloppy, careless, and biased writing.

  4. I strongly suggest correcting this article. Zeta Tau Alpha was not mentioned and “P90X” was their theme not Alpha Delta Pi’s. Before posting an article make sure you have your facts straight. Every sorority worked too hard for them to not be recognized. Please give them enough respect for their hard work and fix the mistakes that were made. Also, “Crunkfest” was Alpha Delta Pi’s theme not Chi Omega’s. Before posting for the entire student body to see make sure you first know what you are talking about.

  5. Whoever wrote this article sucks at journalism. this info is not correct.

  6. the student body

    Chi Omega wasn’t Crunk Fest either… They were Twilight Zone. If you are going to write an informative article in a college newspaper do a proof read before publishing it for the entire student body to see. This just makes The Spectator look sloppy.

  7. whoever wrote this article obviously didn’t research anything. 87% of the information in this article is…wrong.

  8. Zeta Tau Alpha performed in the step show also, and the theme for P90X. That was not Alpha Delta Pi’s theme.

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