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Pop Addict: Hollywood’s dark side comes out to play

How’s it going fellow pop addicts!? I would rate my week an 8.5 out of 10. Yes, it was just that great.

I have to say that the impersonation show Tuesday was a treat! If you missed the show, you missed out on a lot. It was too much for Twitter—seriously!

Anyway, let me get right into it because I have so much to share with you. You wouldn’t believe the juicy dirt I have to tell!
Well, the Lakers’ favorite, Kobe Bryant, has finally put his foot in his mouth.

I knew one of these days those little hissy fits with the ref was going to get him in trouble!  Spoiled Bryant seemed to piss off the Human Rights Group for LGBT over a gay slur he spit out at an on-court official.

The only wise words I can give Bryant is to make a public apology quick because I’m sure he doesn’t want that type of static.

But I know one lovely lady who is actually  enjoying the spotlight on her; none other than People Magazine’s most beautiful woman, Jennifer Lopez!  J.Lo was adorned with the tiara this time instead of Julia Roberts who gets it like 50 times a decade. You go J!

While beauty is at its best when you’re looking at J.Lo, the Mother-Monster had technical difficulties at a performance in Texas.

Lady GaGa busted her tush on stage trying to stand on a piano. When I say she fell hard, I swear you have to YouTube it to see the landing.

While GaGa couldn’t find her balance on stage, a hair stylist from DeKalb Co. learned some important lessons in life, like always wear a seatbelt in somebody’s car.

It’s not funny, but rapper Gucci Mane doesn’t play when it comes down to these…(it rhymes with “crows”). The rapper reportedly pushed the chick out of his car after she refused to go to a hotel with him for sex—he was going to pay the chick $150.
And the gentleman of the year award goes to… (drum roll please), Gucci Mane! Let me stop. For real, I hope she is ok because I know if you don’t tuck your feet right that roll can be dangerous.

Poor Simon Cowell can’t find another judge to save “X-Factor.” The rumors about Rihanna committing to the show were shut down from the horse’s mouth on Ryan Seacrest’s show.

At least she let Cowell know in a nice way, but I don’t see why she can’t. It’s not like her concerts are working out for her.

But Britney Spears will have no problem in that area now that the Pink Friday Barbie, Nicki Minaj, will be touring with her.

That tour sounds exciting! Makes me want to buy a ticket right now—that is if my pockets weren’t so empty.

While Britney and Nicki will be working the world with the Pink edition of Femme Fatale, Green Day’s “American Idiot” musical is supposed to be filmed. If Tom Hanks’s wallet is still in it, there will be a theater full of American idiots!

In Blank Stare News: Whoopi Goldberg is supposed to be on a night show talking about her ex-husbands. Hold up. Husbands? Plural? As in more than one?

How about three husbands. Then Goldberg goes on to explain on the show how she didn’t love any of them.    Wow! I know those poor fellows will look at the TV and think, ‘she has some nerve.’

Well addicts, this is all I have for you all this week! Have fun this weekend.

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