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People Poll: Where were you during the power outage?

“I was asleep. I didn’t even know that the power went out.”
Griffin Driskell
marketing  major

“I was in class. We ended up staying in class the whole period and it was really hot.”
Tangelia Moss
nursing major

“I was sleeping and my roommate came in and told me that the power went out. I told her I didn’t care and feel back asleep until the fire alarm went off later.”
Kyra Modeste
business major

“I was straightening my hair when it happened. Then I just went on to class. The professor still ended up teaching since the emergency lights were still on.”
Breann Ledford
nursing major

“I had just walked in class and the lights went off. I was in the computer lab and I didn’t get a chance to save my work.”
Pierre Evans
office administration
technology major

Correction: In last week’s People Poll “What do you think about the new Nightlights drug?” Lizzie Lohmar actually said  “I have seen people on it and I did not see a change in their behavior.”

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