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PopAddict: Hudson into supernatural, GaGa misunderstood

 What’s poppin’ pop addicts? Another day, but at least it’s at the end of the week. 

 Some people got baked Wednesday and others went to Mickey D’s for that job interview (I know some people were car pooling—but I’m not calling out any names), so overall who can complain?

  So let’s get into this dirt for this week, shall we?

 But before we do that, I have to give a shout out to Carmelo Anthony for holding down the Knicks Tuesday night with 42 points.

 Fans, be proud of your boy! He was a one-man team out there on the floor, and that’s more than what I can say for that Jared Jefferies kid that threw the game.

 Even though that guy “jeffed” up the win for the Knicks, the Celtics gladly took that second victory for their series playoff.

 In news other than sports, Kate Hudson is using witchcraft to predict the sex of her baby.   Well, it’s something like that, but you can’t say I didn’t make you second guess what this is about with that sentence. I know—I’m good!

 Anyway, Hudson is on some supernatural/superstitious stuff for real.

 She explained in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that she is using a pendulum of her hair and a gold ring to predict the sex of her baby.

 So for all the pregnant women who can’t wait for the ultrasound, get to crafting pendulums out your hair.

 While Hudson is spooking people out with her “mad” predictions about her special bun in the oven, the movie “Scream 4,” that’s supposed to have everybody in theater seats, screamed all the way down to the low end of production sells.

 But a plus side to that, I will be taking a trip to Rio!    Well not the vacay spot, but the movie.

 Rio hit No. 1 at the box office. They said it was fun in Rio—we should have booked those tickets!

 So I have to do a quick intermission with something bad!    Who caught the Bad Girls Club Monday night?

 If you didn’t see that fight between replacement Willmarie and “football bro” Nikki then you were probably looking at the series (if that wasn’t the case then you’re just lame…sorry).

 I was so disappointed because I really thought that Nikki could throw some hands, but she is nothing more than a tissue box!   That Wil laid her out—like straight got into her. The girl hit her with the lamp!

 It was funny, and Nikki got what she deserved. I can’t wait for the next round next Monday (insert fighting-ring bell sound).

 And while we’re on fights, can somebody tell me Amber Rose’s secret?

  I really want to know because she managed to have two dudes (Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West) who could pull any female in the world—and probably had every female in the world—to fight over her bald-headed tail!

 I tell you…”garden tools” be winning!

 Since I refuse to give the bald-headed beast anymore spotlight, I’m going to move into controversial business.

 Lady Gaga has done it again. She managed to outrage Catholics across the nation with her latest single “Judas.”

 While the beat is funky and very catchy, Gaga had to make the song religiously twisted by telling a story in Mary Magdalene’s perspective (an ex-hooker who got saved in the Bible).

  That right there along with some lyrics caused an angry crowd of Catholic priests. Poor Gaga…she stays misunderstood. 

 Alright kids, this is all I have for you all today!

 Remember to watch out for me on Facebook and Twitter. Stay grounded and keep your focus on the goal at hand, deuces!

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