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Jobs available, for now

College graduates: great news. This year’s graduates are finding a better job market than last year’s graduates, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

The survey says that employers intend to hire about 19.3 percent more graduates than the class of 2010. The survey consisted of information from 174 schools from February through April. While the top paying major for the class of 2011 is chemical engineering, the most job openings are in the accounting industry.

I think this is really great news filled with possibility. The main concern for us college students is getting a job after college, even if it is not in the career field in which we achieved the degree.

Every year many students graduate and go back home with their parents because they are unable to find work and afford to live on their own. This is why you will find many students with college degrees working behind a cash register at McDonald’s or bagging groceries at Harvey’s.

There is nothing wrong with working these types of jobs, but they are not the first choices for anyone who spent thousands of dollars to get an undergraduate or graduate degree. This rise in employment is giving the students a better chance at the future of their choosing.

The only thing I am worried about is the fact that this trend will not continue for the following graduates of 2012, 2013 and so on. This economy is always dipping in and out of a recession or having some type of financial setback. It is uncertain how affective this decision may be later on this year.

I want to believe that the students who fill up these spaces will thrive in their fields and put money and efficiency back into the economy but this is no guarantee, and the problem should not rest on the shoulders of the people currently employed to help lessen the economic crisis the country is now in.

Politicians, both local and national, also need to help and work harder in reducing the deficient. According to Orrin Hatch, senior senator from Utah, our national debt has gone from roughly $5 trillion in 1997 to over $14 trillion today. This amount has skyrocketed and the government needs to provide a solution fast.

Through this team effort, hopefully the economy will see a slow, but steady turn around and it will mean a brighter future job outlook for future graduates.

Also, the increase in recent graduates being hired this year may mean a decline in the number of jobs that are available for the students who are still in college. We can only hope that this trend now will mean a continuous upward climb as far as the job market goes.

It would be incredible to know that as soon as you get out of college a job is waiting for you somewhere. It will be even better to know that your job is indeed the one you sought after during college and will provide financial security.

Molly Duett and Lauren Oliva contributed to this article.

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