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Rant and Rave

Rant of the Week
I know everyone is entitled to an education but the amount of freshmen on campus is overwhelming. It seems they outnumber everybody. My biggest issue with them is the parking. They shouldn’t be able to have cars until they are upperclassmen. It might seem unfair but what about us commuters who don’t live on campus that have to go on a scavenger hunt for a parking spot when the freshmen are right on campus where everything is.

More Rants:
So VSU brought Papa John’s here just sell personal pan pizzas? Is this what we lost Quiznos for?
Combat boots in the summer should be outlawed.
To the person that took it upon themselves to put the words “Deez Nutz” in Styrofoam cups on the bridge you are a genius of epic ignorance.
I am sick of buying books for class that we are never going to use. So I would appreciate if every book I purchase is used.
To the freshmen walking around Valdosta aimlessly at 3 a.m. you should invest in a flashlight and a taser.
The fact that I got out of class early because of BlazeView was awesome and aggravating. I had to postpone so much work because of it.

Rave of the Week

The amount of events during the first week of school was awesome. It was always something to do. It gave students a chance to interact and see what’s new on campus. There were cookouts, stroll-offs, and interest meetings. It gave new students a glimpse into the fun that happens on campus.

More Raves:
Pinkberry is my new best friend! It is so delicious.
Is it true Valdosta is finally getting an Olive Garden? I can taste the breadsticks now.
Thanks to the bus drivers for running on time.
The bookstore was organized and very time-efficient.

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