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What’s new at VSU?

Valdosta State University has recently obtained a few new dining services on campus that provide students with a better assortment of food. Recently, the food service company Chartwells has taken over a contract with the university to cater to the dining halls of Palms and Hopper.

Amongst these new additions on campus, the school has also replaced the popular Quiznos and Jazzman’s with the equally admired Pinkberry, Papa John’s, and Blazing Brew. Taylor Asbury, a junior PR major, hopes that the new dining services will live up to the food she enjoyed from her previous year.

“I do think the food has improved tremendously since last year; however, Chartwell’s did take away some of the food we loved like Jazzman’s,” Asbury said.

Although Taylor expresses her concerns she believes the lines leading up to the dining services have given the food plenty of accreditation.

There is also a new mobile app available for IPhone and Android that allows customers to view and use deals, discounts, and coupons for the businesses surrounding their university.

The app is presented to students by Campus Special, a well known company in college marketing for many businesses looking to advertise to many different colleges around the United States. This mobile app is now a more efficient way to redeem offers without the hassle of the coupon books that are annually given out to students on campus.

Accompanying the new dining services, VSU has also moved the Psychology and Counseling Center on main campus across from Nevins Hall. The brand new building was built in order to provide students and faculty with a more opportune space to work out of.

The psychology building was previously available to staff and students off campus, two blocks away from main campus, causing more inconveniences with transportation, time, and space. However, now that the building has been relocated faculty and students may benefit more with their studies.

Genna Hall, a junior nursing major, who previously attended classes in the old psychology building, was delighted about the new upgrade.

“What was so bad about the other building was it was so inconvenient and only had two rooms and one lab we could use, but what would be better about this new building is that it has more rooms, more space, and it would just be beneficial to more students,” Hall said.

The VSU website provides and elaborates the features the building has to offer, including the clinical space, offices for the psychology staff and the well needed auditorium that seats 150 people.

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  1. This Spectator Article would have been better if they had given the link or at least the name of the App (“There is also a new mobile app available for IPhone and Android that allows customers to view and use deals, discounts, and coupons for the businesses surrounding their university.”)

  2. Tried to download the Google app, but got a message that it isn’t compatible with my device (Xoom).

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