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Macadoo’s is no more; introducing Zacadoo’s

What’s in a name? A lot, Macadoo’s is learning.

Macadoo’s is changing its name in order to avoid legal entanglement from a family restaurant with the same name.

“Macado’s” is the original family resturant with locations throughout the south, including North Carolina, and Virginia.

According to the Macado’s website, the family resturant is popular with the college crowd with their locations near Virgina Tech, Radford University, and Roanoke College.

Forced to either close or rename, Macadoo’s decided to change its name to Zacadoo’s.

Macadoo’s, a restaurant similar to Zaxby’s, says that replacing the M with a Z was coincidental.

A current employee of Macadoo’s says she is not thrilled about the name change because of the additional similarities that may be formed.

“Now we have Zac sauce, and they have Zax sauce,” she says.

Along with the name of its sauce, the restaurant has already changed the name on its take out bags to Zacadoo’s.

Kristen Leslie, a sophomore early childhood Education Major, said, “I think it’s stupid they are changing the name because now it will be unoriginal.”

Although some may not agree with the new name, the food remains the same, proving that a rose by any other name really is just as sweet.

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  1. wow, talk about innovation and originality! Couldn’t at least pick another letter of the alphabet, could you? Coincidence? No way in hell.

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