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Tipsy Transit still riding, unlocks cars

Despite recent rumors, the Tipsy Transit is still open for business and no longer just provides a ride to those who are under the influence of alcohol.

Felix Vayder, founder and owner of the Tipsy Transit, said he was relieved that the Valdosta area police have finally recognized the Tipsy Transit as an official business.
“I have people call and ask me if we are running before they go out just so they know they will have a safe ride home,” Vayder said.

In addition to a safe ride home, the Tipsy Transit will now help customers reach keys forgotten in locked cars. While any other unlock service costs an average of $55 to $65, the Tipsy Transit charges a $25 fee.

With football season arriving, the Transit also offers a round trip to Jacksonville during the Georgia vs. Florida weekend for $35.

The Transit has also been known to lend a ride to soldiers to Jacksonville to be deployed.

The Tipsy Transit, open seven days a week, will shuttle almost anywhere in town, regardless of the time. One-way trips cost $5 and round trips cost $7.

“As long as the phone is ringing, the bus will keep running,” Vayder said.

“It’s definitely been a learning experience,” Vayder said. “I would love for it to keep going.”

For more information on the Tipsy Transit, follow them on Twitter (@tipsytransit), on Facebook or call them at 229-234-1448.

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