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Customize your meal at Mongolian Fire Pit

The Mongo, or The Mongolian Fire Pit, is a Hibachi restaurant on North Ashley Street with splendid food and great service to enjoy a perfect atmosphere with your friends or family. Because there are only two Mongolian Fire Pits in the United States, I was a little skeptical on eating there, but I believe everything is worth at least one try.

The atmosphere was one to remember. The outside of the restaurant is an inviting, bright orange color with big, blue words that spelled out “The Mongo.” This attracted me to the restaurant at once.

When you first walk in you are greeted with friendly smiles and faces. The scenery is very colorful and will draw you in to enjoy the respectable staff and good food. If you as a person love to experience a different culture and have an open mind to try new things, I would recommend you to visit this place at once.

The Mongo is almost like a self-serving restaurant. The staff gives you three bowls to pick your own rice or noodles, vegetables and meats, and a multitude of sauces. Not only do you have the upper hand in food choice, but they also let you pile on as much as you like until your bowl is overflowing with the delicious choices. The food was incredible, and not only that, but it was served to me in a timely manner.

Now, the real question is, is it affordable? The appetizers and main dishes are all inexpensive, under $10, which gives us students a chance to keep our money in our pockets for once.

I must admit I have heard about the restaurant before I decided to stop by, so of course my standards were a bit high. However, if I had to give the restaurant a star rating, it would be 4.5 out of 5 because it was almost the perfect experience for my first time dining in that establishment.

For those who are still not sold, visit their website for more information and a downloadable menu. www.mongogrille.com/

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