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SGA wants students to talk

All VSU students were invited to attend SGA’s first official town hall meeting which was held Tuesday night in the Jennett Lecture Hall Room.

The meeting was an informal one, created with the purpose of encouraging VSU students to come out and talk to the members of SGA about any thoughts, concerns or ideas to help improve VSU.

“It’s supposed to be set up as a Q &A,” Graham Davis, SGA president and junior political science major, said.

“We got the idea during the last presidential election, which was a way for hopeful candidates to answer questions constituents might have before they’re elected.”

According to Amber Worthy, SGA member and junior mass media major, the purpose of the meeting was not only to inform students but also to hear any questions and clarify any concerns.

Vice president Derika Powers felt the meeting was much needed as it would provide an easier way for SGA to effectively reach students.

“We want to work on getting students involved but also getting SGA involved with the students,” Powers, a senior psychology major, said.

Many students were curious and interested as to what the first town hall meeting would bring. Senior Kathryn Grant was excited for the start of the meeting.

“I think it’s great that this type of forum is being offered where students can actually voice concerns and discuss big issues like things that involve administration, how VSU is run, and politics,” Grant, a senior general studies major, said. “I hope it’s offered regularly.”

The meeting consisted of the president and vice president of SGA, as well as several other senators.

Topics of discussion at the meeting included last week’s chancellor meeting, the ongoing presidential search, the structure of SGA and SGA’s possible role in admissions.

Grant was particularly interested in last week’s chancellor’s meeting.

“The questions we discussed with Chancellor Huckaby involved HOPE funding, the institutional fee, and school consolidation,” Davis said.

Also discussed was the ongoing presidential search in which Davis is involved.

“Ultimately, the Board of Regents are the ones who make the final decision and actually hire a university president, including ours,” said Grant.

“Students being well represented within the VSU administration and Board of Regents are important.”

Powers and Davis said they hoped there would be a forum where students could question the finalists.

“Hopefully be next spring, it can become something tangible,” Powers said.

“I was elected to represent the students of VSU to the best of my ability, without bias or prejudice,” Davis said.

“I believe that I am doing so in my capacity as SGA president and as a representative for the search committee,” he said.

Another topic of interest was SGA’s primary focus this year, as well as agenda and priorities.

Senior Senator Nigel Richardson felt there needed to be a better relationship between administration and students.

“We try to give an ear to the students, and another ear to administration,” Richardson said.

Powers feels like SGA has other particular areas of improvement this semester.

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