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Organo Gold delivers hot coffee to campus anytime

Nick Barnes, recent VSU alum and newfound entrepreneur, has opened a new business that delivers organic coffee to the Valdosta area any time, day or night.

It’s no secret that the majority of college students need caffeine to function, but at 2 a.m., when the typical all night study session is in full swing, most coffee shops are closed.

The business model of Barnes’ up and coming coffee shop Organo Gold, was established with this particular need in mind.

“We wanted to be able to give the students and teachers a chance to get some coffee, to get some hot chocolate or green tea because they’re out at work and they’re still up studying,” Barnes said.

Yet, with established businesses like Starbucks to compete with, the coffee industry isn’t an easy market for an entrepreneur to enter.

Barnes is hoping that his business’ operating hours and delivery service will provide enough of a niche to compete.

“Not many people are going to initially choose a new company like this over places like Starbucks or Seattle’s Best,” Barnes said. “But if it’s midnight or 2 a.m. and you need to study, you’re more likely to give us a chance and we’re hoping you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Barnes’ history with VSU runs deep. He is an alumnus of VSU who graduated in 2010.

Barnes was very active within the university’s community, serving as a SGA senator, a Resident Assistant in Patterson Hall, and playing on the football team.

After graduating from VSU he made his way out into the workforce, but was unhappy with the market trends he was seeing.

“When I graduated, I looked around at all my friends and they had graduated to become ‘super waitress’—who are just waitresses with a degree behind their name,” Barnes said. “They were washing cars or getting stuck in a cubicle and I couldn’t see myself doing that.”

A friend of his approached him with the idea of opening a store selling Organo Gold coffee, a brand that prides itself with selling 100 percent pure organic coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.
Along with business partners, Dennis White, Kesha Hall, Lo Smith, and Justin McGruder, Barnes was able to get approved by the Valdosta Chamber of Commerce.

The store, OG Delivery, opened Friday. Barnes and his staff are available for request for delivery of fresh brewed coffee anytime.

OG Delivery can be reached at the phone number 229-234-7704.

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