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Shorter bans gay employees

We live in a time in which one would like to think that we have rid ourselves of all prejudices, especially prejudices related to sexual orientation. The vast majority or our society has evolved with the times and almost everywhere a person looks, people live, work, and co-exist with each other, regardless of differences in sexuality

Unfortunately, there are some dark exceptions to this widely accepted standard. There are still remote corners of our American civilization that adhere to certain antiquated and backward ways of thinking, deeming it necessary to enforce such ridiculous rules that ban homosexuals from certain rights and privileges that other homosexuals are free to enjoy elsewhere.

Shorter College in Rome, Ga., is a fine example of an establishment that has let itself fall behind the times by officially banning all gay employees from working at their university.

This may come as a shock to many, as this seems borderline illegal, but the fact of the matter is, Shorter College is a private institution, not receiving any governmental assistance; therefore, retaining the right to enforce policies on its own—not necessarily morally correct—way.

According to an article from the Huffington Post, all Shorter College employees were required to sign a “personal lifestyle pledge,” proclaiming that they reject homosexuality and premarital sex, among other policies in the pledge.

When the WSBTV network interviewed Shorter College President Don Dowless, he maintained that “their goal is not to offend people, but to declare who we are.”

Though Dowless claims that Shorter’s goal is not to offend people, this is exactly what they very well may do. Never in any public university, or any kind of public establishment period, would this ban of gay employees be tolerated. It is a simple violation of a person’s rights, not to mention an extremely distasteful and narrow-minded standard to hold university employees to.

Despite the outrageous rules enforced at places like Shorter College, VSU and the rest of our nation will hopefully continue to grow and prosper as a kind, tolerant and tasteful place, and unfortunately leave places like Shorter College behind.

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