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There was a sigh of relief heard all around the world on Nov. 28. It was the sigh of millions of NBA fans as they heard the lockout was over.

NBA lockout ends: Fans look forward to Christmas triple-header

There was a sigh of relief heard all around the world on Nov. 28. It was the sigh of millions of NBA fans when they heard that after 149 days of uncertainty the lockout was over.

It was a battle between owners and players that affected fans. Basketball fans held their breaths and prayed and it seems our prayers were answered.

Christmas day is a day that many are anticipating with three games sure to satisfy fans. The games are Lakers-Bull, Celtics-Knicks, and the heated rematch between the Heat and Dallas. It should be noted that the Mavericks will receive their rings that night.

Now before fans get too excited this season is only going to have 66 games. This means although the games will be exciting, the play might be very sloppy and unorganized.

Players have just reported to training camp only giving them a short time to prepare for what is going to be a grueling season that will have teams playing three games back to back. Some guys are just going to be throwing on jerseys and playing with little to no practice.

Some fans have expressed excitement but also uncertainty for this upcoming season.

“I’ve needed NBA basketball,” Teddy Cotton, senior mass media major, said. “They were locked out for so long. The season is going to be rough for the rookies because they won’t have grip on the NBA. The fans are going to be watching sloppy basketball.”

Sloppy basketball is something fans will see, but what they won’t be seeing is some of their favorite players because a number of players signed with leagues overseas.

Most leagues are letting the players return to the NBA except for the Chinese league.

Fans will not be seeing players such as Aaron Brooks, Wilson Chandler, Dan Gadzuric, Luther Head, Kenyon Martin, Josh Powell, JR Smith, and Yi Jianlin.

The trade rumors are at an all-time high with Dwight Howard and Chris Paul at the center of attention. It is no secret that both are free agents next year and are trying to be traded so they can get a contract extension a la Carmelo Anthony.

Fans and general managers are anxious to see where Dwight Howard ends up. Rumors are naming the Lakers and Nets as the two teams most likely to land him.

The Nets are said to be offering to trade Brook Lopez to Orlando for Howard. The Lakers are prepared to give up Andrew Bynum for Howard.

The trade rumor that is most intriguing is coming out of Boston. Danny Ainge is rumored to be shopping Rajon Rondo to the New Orleans Hornets for Chris Paul.

This trade has some Celtics fan scratching their heads.

Junior spectator reporter and New England native Kat Grigoriadis isn’t too happy about this rumor.

“I am a lifelong and diehard Celtics fan and trading Rondo, to me, is awful,” said Grigoradis. “This will be worse than the Perkins trade.”

For those who don’t know, last season Boston traded beloved center Kendrick Perkins to Oklahoma City in a move that angered many fans and even some Boston players.

Whether you are apprehensive or just plain out excited there is going to be an NBA season, just know this season will not be short on drama, controversy, and most importantly basketball.

So fans get ready for the rollercoaster ride that will be the 2011-12 NBA season.

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  1. Great article Maya! I agree “sloppy basketball” will be the result of no practice, etc. We can only pray there will not be a lot of injuries as a result of the lockout and lack of practice time.

    I am looking forward to reading your next article.

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