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PopAddict: Kardashian baby coming soon, Love to counsel Lohan

Wow, folks! This is the last week of school and the last semester of Pop Addict for moi, so you know I have to go out with a BANG right? Of course you do!

Now I know everybody is tired of Kim “Kimmy Cakes” Kardashian and her 72 days-marriage-and-too-long-divorce settlement from Kris Humphries (/Kardashian).

The situation has gotten a little childish and even though we know Kimmy hasn’t always been mature—neither in taste nor career wise—I have to say the bickering back and forth between these too is beneath the both of them; yes, the Ogre too.

With Kris calling her cakes fake, and Kimmy Cakes calling him gay, my question is this: When will they finally move on and leave each other’s names out of their mouths? Especially when it comes to the press because we simply don’t care as much.

The question Kris needs to answer is how did he manage to leave a marriage with no dignity and no money to show for it? They do say fools do rush in or is that a movie? Doesn’t matter—still truth in it either way!

However, there is good news for one of the Kardashians—the cute one, Kourtney. She is expecting yet again and she’s around nine or so weeks.

Mason finally has a playmate and Kourtney might just get a ring this time—he can’t chuck the deuces on two girls.

Who needs another hobby is Vinny from Jersey Shore. Who told Vinny he could rap?

It’s beyond me because I thought he gave that up after his first screw up he recorded over Wiz’s “Black and Yellow” beat. But he’s back with a new one called “Rack City Mix” which is a remixed version of Young Money’s yougin’ Tyga jawn.

Here’s a sample, compliments of TMZ: “Oh you a fan? You wanna take a pic? /I like your crack girl … I wanna take a hit. /Yeah, I’m takin’ it … I’m a get you naked [itchbay] …/We can [fawk] and make it fit… boomin [shyte] and slatin’ it. /Actin’ like I’m raping it …/[fawk] her til she fakin’ it.”

Somebody please, please, help this kid find a new gig fast because he’s clearly begging for attention.

Who saw Victoria spread her secrets all over the runway Tuesday? They were fabulous—the least I can say; stick figured but cute.

And the performances were to die for. Now, I can’t vouch for Kanye in those jeggings during his performance with Jay Z. I thought it was cute how Adam Levine showed his “V.S. Angel” girlfriend love on the stage while he did his latest hit, “Moves like Jagger”.

Oh, they saved the best for last—Ms. Nicki Minaj who performed “Super Bass” for the Pink Collection.

Before I tie this thing up, I have to leave you guys with this ridiculous news—prepare yourself for the confusion. Anyone remember Courtney Love’s drug record and sobriety problems.

Pretty much, the girl knew how to par-tay and could throw a few back along with a line or two. Well, she literally has an apprentice, guess who?

Love doesn’t have an apprentice but she has decided to be a sobriety coach and chose Lindsey Lohan. The contradiction!

Ok, folks, I have to leave you all now for good. I hope everybody’s finals go well.

Study hard but don’t fuss over what you don’t know. Heck, break is right around the corner. Good luck!

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