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SGA starts semester with Health Center policy, SGA budget

The Student Government Association discussed the Student Health Care’s insurance policy and the SGA budget along with many other topics during Monday night’s meeting in the University Center Magnolia Room.

To keep the student health fee from rising, the Student Health Center requests for students to file their insurance information.

The policy, which started last semester, will allow students to use their insurance to help cover costs not covered by the health fee such as laboratory tests, X-rays and minor surgery.

However, some companies are “out of network” and will not cover the fees.

Letters regarding the policy were supposed to be sent out to the student body, according to Auxiliary Services head, Dr. Rob Kellner.

However, after many senators said they never received the letters, Dr. Kellner plans on having them resent.
Information about the policy can be found on the Student Health Center website.

Also discussed regarding the Student Health Center, was the fact that the free STD testing and contraception available for students have been discontinued due to the rising fees of health care, according to Reginald Blake , the head of SGA Health Care committee.

The SGA budget was also a topic of discussion as it was discovered that $11,000 had been left over from last year’s budget.

This year, the organization was given $20,000 for the budget, according to SGA Comptroller Drew McCall.

The expenses of SGA cover costs dealing with in house needs such as copying, printing, phone and internet services, etc.

“If we don’t use it all we won’t be granted as much money the next year,” McCall said.

Access to the SGA expenditure it is an open record, however the only means of seeing it would be to contact the SGA Comptroller because of its extensiveness.

Vice President Derika Powers suggested this year’s excess funds go towards a gift for this year’s graduating class.

Among the miscellaneous news discussed were suggestions of a school-wide dress code and moves towards a non-smoking campus.

Powers said that these are merely in the idea phase and would only come into effect.

“If these ideas pass to the Senate, there will be a school wide election on them,” Powers said.

The desire to extend the 45-minute parking spots to 60-minute spots was also briefly discussed.

Many complained that most classes last 50 minutes, not 45.

Powers explained that the parking spaces are not intended for students going to class but for quick errands such as unloading cars.

For more information contact SGA President Graham Davis at gwdavis@valdosta.edu.

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