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PopAddict: Nicki Minaj, More plastic than Cher

Hello guys and dolls, get your cups ready because I am serving some hot tea!

Nicki Minaj needs to have several seats. Her new song and video, “Stupid Hoe”, is foolery at its best. If the ignorance of the song is not enough, the video is ridiculous.

You paid for all that butt and can’t move it for anything in the world. When she was dancing all I thought about was shampoo, because all I saw moving was head and shoulders.

Chelsea Handler is dishing on her relationship with 50 Cent. In a radio interview with Howard Stern she revealed their relationship ended because of Ciara.

Handler was set to interview Ciara on her show “Chelsea Lately”, and Fifth called telling her that Ciara was being a bug- a- boo. Handler told Fifth that she didn’t have the time for this and in her own words called him a name other than the n-word that is offensive to a black man.

Amber “I was wronged by Kanye” Rose, is being exposed by her former publicist Janero Marchand. Marchand took to twitter accusing Rose and her brother Antonio of plotting and stealing money from Yeezy.

Red tails raked in $19.1 million over the weekend. This is a good thing for future movies with all black casts.

As if we need another hit to our belief in marriage, Seal and Heidi Klum are divorcing. We were all rooting for them.

Roseanne “IDGAF” Barr had Beyoncé fans in an uproar over comments about being mad at Beyoncé for accepting the President’s invitation to sing at his Inaugural ball.

Barr said that late singer Etta James was so hurt by Beyoncé singing her signature song “At Last”. She even threw a shot at Obama for choosing Beyoncé. Um, Roseanne, sit back, relax, and keep collecting your Nick at Nite checks.

Vanessa “Ca-ching ca-ching” Bryant was awarded three mansions and $75 million dollars. I guess those 10 years were worth the wait.

Kim “I am the victim” Kardashian, is being exposed for her sham of a marriage. Kimmy and her mother Kris “keeping my pimp hand strong” Jenner, have been caught filming scenes for Kourtney and Kim take
New York that are putting Kim in a more favorable light.

Anybody with eyes can tell the show was edited. Kris “Why Me Lord” Humphries looks like a total butthole.

As if Beyoncé’s greatness isn’t enough, Rutgers University is offering a course called “Politicizing Beyoncé.” I love Beyonce, God knows I do, but a course?

For all my English majors be on the lookout for “The Raven”. I’m curious to see John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe.

Bad Girls Club returned Monday with different girls with the same story. I am a bad girl because I get drunk, throw up on people, pull hair, and go to the club, and I will continue to walk

Time to wash out the cups! As always come on back because I will be serving tea that is guaranteed to be hot!

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