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Fountain device filters water in Union

Water fountain
In an effort to cutdown on plastic waste, Student Life has installed the Elkay EZ H20 filter on the Student Union second and third floors. Filtered water comes out of the valve and into the bottle placed underneath it.

Student Life is “going green.”

By installing the Elkay EZ H20 water fountain filter on the Student Union’s second and third floors, the department aims to cut down on plastic bottle waste.

“Student Life is trying to encourage reusing water bottles and trying to stop students from throwing away so much plastic,” John Writer, Student Life associate director, said.

To work the device, a person places his or her bottle under a valve located over the water fountain. The sensor activates and the valve deposits filtered water into the bottle.

A device was installed today on the second floor fountain across from the Catering Office by the woman’s restroom; the device on the third floor by the Student Life office was installed over Christmas Break.

If there is a positive outcome, other stations will be installed around campus, Writer said.

There is a counter on the device to estimate how many bottles have been filled. The device determines this for every 12 ounces dispensed.

Lauren Linahan, president of Students Against Violating the Environment, also commented on the ecofriendly idea.

“It’s a shame that we didn’t have anything to do with this idea, but we definitely support it,” she said.

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  1. We, at Elkay, hope you love the new EZH2O water bottle filling stations. Join the 100 Million Bottle March on Facebook to see how quickly the plastic water bottles saved from waste total up. Post pics of the Green Ticker(TM) counter on your units so we can see the impact of the plastic bottle savings on your campus.

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