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SpecTech: Sonic, Tails, Amy travel through time

When Sonic CD was released in 1993, I was so excited. But, I did not have a SEGA CD console, so I never got the game.

In the end of 2011, Sonic Team released an enhanced port of Sonic CD on pretty much anything that can connect to the internet. Is this enhanced port worth your time and money?

The Story of Sonic CD is simple. A planet, called “Little Planet,” arrives on Sonic’s world at the end of every year.

Sonic and Amy Rose arrive to see the view, but find that it is covered in metal and chained up by Dr. Robotnik.

Robotnik’s newest creation, Metal Sonic, captures Amy and leaves Sonic in the dust.

Sonic must collect the Time Stones to change the past to make a better future and save Amy.

The gameplay feels just like any other SEGA Genesis Sonic title; it is good 2D plat forming. What separates this from other Sonic titles, at the time, was that Sonic could travel to the past and future of any level.This meant that every act actually had three levels in it.

In the past you must destroy a robot generator and a Metal Sonic hologram to achieve a “good future”. If you go to a “bad future,” the game is much more difficult and has more enemies to defeat.

In addition, you can enter a special stage if you have at least 50 rings when you beat an act. The special stages are in 3D.

You must destroy all of the UFOs floating to collect a Time Stone.

There are seven levels with two acts and a third act that serves as a boss stage.

So, what makes this an enhanced port?

Well SEGA teamed up with a fan, Christian Whitehead, who helped create the engine that this version of Sonic CD is running on. This allows for the game to run in widescreen at 60 frames-per-second.

In addition, they added the ability to choose to use the original spin dash attack or use the spin dash from Sonic 2, which is much better.

The player is also able to choose between the U.S. soundtrack and the Japanese soundtrack, which I prefer.

Lastly, they added Tails as a playable character after you beat the game one time with Sonic.

Although, you cannot earn achievements with Tails, it is fun to see him in a game he was not meant to be in.

I highly recommend anyone to this game that loved the SEGA Genesis trilogy.

Sonic the Hedgehog CD is available on the iOS App store and Android Market for $2.99 as well as Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network, and Steam for $5. Later, this year it will be released on Windows Phone 7 platforms.

For anyone who is concerned, I have played the iOS version and the touch controls are very responsive and accurate.

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