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Grand Shenanigans at the Brass Quill

The Brass Quill, a local tattoo shop, is hosting their “Grand Shananagan” of all grand openings on Feb. 11 from 2 to 6 p.m. at 704 N. Ashley St.

What’s a Grand Shananagan?

Since the shop has already had their grand opening last November, they needed a new name to call their event.

The Brass Quill is a tattoo shop with an interesting spin. It features artist’s art work as well.

“We want to represent art in Valdosta, kind of show that tattoos are another art form,” Britni Layne, one of the owners of the tattoo gallery, said.

The art gallery features the art work from other artist. Some of those artists may also include art students at Valdosta State University.

Art students at VSU normally just take their work and put them away in storage, but The Brass Quill allows them to display and potentially sell their art work in the gallery.

The money The Brass Quill receives gives a portion of their proceeds to BARC, a no kill animal rescue shelter.

During the event, there will be three raffle drawings at 5:30 p.m. The $5 raffle ticket is to win a free piercing, the $10 raffle ticket is to win $100 off a tattoo, and the $20 raffle ticket goes toward a full sleeve or back tattoo.

There are also T shirts for sale.

There will be booths set up with special guests, including Divided by Zero, BARC Human Society, Red Door Records, and the Georgia Ghost Busters to name a few.

Michael Koske, the zombie character in the television show The Walking Dead, will also be in attendance.

Food will be provided as well.

The Brass Quill has a website featuring each of their artists and the portfolio of their art. The piercer is Will Frier. The tattoo artists are Ben Stubbs, Jake Walsh, and Bob Layne, the other owner.

The website also features coupons for specials on piercings and tattoos.

Each artist does a custom job on each individual. The building does not have designs already made for any customer because they believe each individual deserves their own custom work of art.

In order to get in contact with Brass Quill for more information about their grand opening call (229) 469-4517 or visit their website http://brassquill.com or http://www.facebook.com/#!/THEBRASSQUILGALLERY.

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