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Stonewalled: Dwight Howard may be on the move

It seems NBA fans everywhere are playing where in the world will Dwight Howard end up. Howard has made it clear that Orlando is not where he wants to be.

The Orlando Magic organization has let it be known that they don’t want to deal him, but what choice do they have? The guy has given them a list of his preferred destinations with Dallas and New Jersey at the top of his list.

Even Howard’s mom wants him to stay in Orlando according to an interview with TNT’s Craig Sager during the All-Star game.

Orlando needs to trade him before they have another situation like Shaquille O’Neal in 1996 when the Magic lost the Big Man to the Lakers receiving nothing in return and leaving them in rebuilding mode.

Rumor has it the Magic organization are trying to contact Phoenix Suns’ to check the availability of Steve Nash.

I don’t see how an aging point guard is going to make a difference in Howard staying.
The trade rumor that has gotten the most heat is trading Howard to the Lakers for Andrew Bynum. This trade would help the Lakers, but would do nothing for the Magic so we can nip this ever happening in the bud.

Howard could possibly end up in New Jersey with elite point guard Deron Williams. Dallas is another perfect situation for Howard, giving him the opportunity to play with All-Star Dirk Nowitski.

Even the Golden State Warriors are putting their names in the sweepstakes. The Warrior organization is willing to trade for Howard, but not without him signing a contract extension.

“I want to see him in Chicago but Golden State needs a big man and if they have enough money to put him on the payroll that might could happen,” Jordan Marshall, creative writing major and die-hard Chicago Bulls fain, said. “But being realistic he should probably go to the New Jersey Nets with Deron Williams, one of the best point guards in the league.”

Realistically, Howard will probably not be traded because the Magic organization has a little hope that they can pull off a move that would make Howard stay.

If we have learned anything from the Shaq situation and The Decision, it is get rid of him before he leaves you with nothing.

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