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Apple announces new iPad sans Siri

This week we have some Verizon phone leaks, a possible console coming from Steam, and the iPad 3.

Verizon accidently let slip the release dates of two unannounced phones, the LG Cayman and Droid Fighter. There were no specs with this story, but these phones will be on store shelves at the end of March and the beginning of April.

If you read last week’s issue talking about the Nokia 808 PureView with an amazing 41-megapixle camera, I am sad to report that it will be available in most countries, but not the United States.

This is not all bad news though, as vice president of Nokia, Jo Harlow, said “The 808 PureView’s 41-megapixle camera sensor is on its way to Windows Phones, and it will not take very long.”

April 5 may be the day to get a new phone with Verizon, as a rumored $199 version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will release.

This phone will have all of the same specs as the $299 phone, except it will have only 16GB of data.

This amount of data is only concerning because there is no MicroSD card slot, but if you do not store lots of music on your phone; this will be a great alternative to other phones.

Samsung has told us that they will reveal a successor to the Samsung Galaxy II in the first half of the year. Website ZDNet Korea has stated that the Galaxy III, what it is most likely to be called, will debut in April.

Samsung has denied this release date, but that could be the case. The company stated that they would announce it when it is closer to commercial availability.

Google may be working on a voice assistant like the iPhone 4s’ Siri. Now remember that Android has had a voice assistant for some time now, even before Siri.

The new voice software is known as “Assistant” and will help users with completing tasks with just their voice. Google will allow for third-party developers to use this system for their apps. It may be released by the end of this year.

Google may also have the names for their next two operating systems!

Android 5.0: Jelly Bean is expected to release this year on tablets and would also allow this to run on Windows 8 tablets to dual run operating systems.

The next version would be Android: Jelly Bean. Reports are unsure if this would be Android 6.0 or a different version of Android 5.0.

Sony is holding a webcast for the PlayStation Vita on Friday called, “PlayStation Vita Game Heaven.”

This event will announce more games, talk about upcoming releases, and more Vita services.

Sony will also be giving away 20 Vitas, both 3G and Wi-Fi, but it seems like it will only be in Japan.

Valve may be developing a home console system, dubbed the Steam Box. Reports say that it will be revealed at either the Game Developers Conference or at this summer’s E3.

The console would ship with a controller, but would have swappable components with real-time feedback. The console would work with any computer or TV display.

Of course the heart of this console would be connecting online and with Steam. Reports say this will shake the industry because Steam is run with all digital games with frequent sales, so all of the games are cheaper than traditional console rivals.

I think it would be interesting to come out, but I would be worried because systems like the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 rely on software sales. If Valve wishes to make lots of money, their console may cost more than current consoles.

The next iPad was announced; there is no new name, so it is called “The new iPad.” It now has a retina display, which has 264 pixels per inch and a new quad-core A5X processor. Both cameras have been updated. The back camera is a 5 megapixel camera with the same tech that is in the iPhone 4S. You can also record 1080p HD video.

The keyboard will have “voice dictation,” not Siri. It can be used to type your voice instead of using the keyboard. The new iPad will surprisingly have 4G LTE on both AT&T and Verizon! The battery life is the same as the iPad 2. Amazingly though, it will get nine hours on 4G. The prices are the same as they are now.

You can pick up this new iPad on March 16; pre-orders start today. A 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2 is now on sale for $399 as well.

The question of the week is, “What do you think of the new iPad. Is it worth it or has Apple doomed itself to minor upgrades to the device in the future?”

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Please have a wonderful and safe spring break!

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