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Pop Addict: Rihanna fights for Brown

Hello guys and dolls, do you have your cups ready? Because I have some hot tea for you guys!

Mother Oprah is at it again, not giving the other girls a chance! She has already snagged the first television interview with the late Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina. It seems Bobbi Kris trusts Mother O.

Bobbi Kris is telling friends that Oprah “was loyal to my mom, and never did my mother wrong, or made her look bad; she always looked out for my mom.”

Speaking of The Late Great Nippy, The L.A. County Coroner’s office has been plagued with emails and phone calls form people claiming to be related to Whitney. Sources told TMZ that the calls all have one thing in common—the belief that Mrs. Houston was murdered. One person claimed to have proof of this murder theory.

The Coroner’s office has not verified the callers as relatives but they have already said they saw no signs of foul play.

Well Tila Tequila’s 15 minutes ended eons ago, but it seems she is trying to end her life. Tila was rushed to the hospital last week after her roommate called 911 telling the cops that Tequila had ,“tried to kill herself all week.”

Let’s hope she gets the help she needs.

Thug Life is making its way to the Great White Way.

Theater Legend Kenny Leon developed a play centered on the late Tupac Shakur’s music. “Holler If You Hear Me” is not a biography, but is about childhood friends growing up in an industrial Midwestern city listening to Pac’s music.

Tami Roman is not only a face-musher, but now you can add purse-snatcher to her resume. It seems once again you cannot take Ms. Roman out of time. If you think the Meeka Mushing was something else in Italy how about Ms. Roman holding new cast members Kesha Nichols purse hostage in Tahiti.

It seems during a trip that will be aired later, Tami being the “real” person she is, confronted Kesha about talking behind the other girl’s back. According to TMZ, the girls began arguing and Kesha stormed out, tired of going at it. She left the argument and forgot her designer bag. Well Tami grabbed the bag hoping that once Kesha realized it was gone she would come back to finish their little pow wow.

When Kesha realized that Tami took her bag back to her room , fearing for her safety, she sent hotel security to get it. Well the hotel called the po-po. The producers convinced Roman to give Nichols back her bag. Kesha hopped on the first thing smoking back to the U.S.

This just proves you cannot take the Basketball Associates anywhere.

Well its seems that Chris Brown’s women are having a shade throwing fest. Karreuche and RiRi have been taking little jabs at each other via social networking. Ri tweeted a picture of a rice cake dressed up like a recent photo of Karreuche. The rice cake had black shades and big gold hoop earrings. Well Karrabas or whatever her name is took to her Facebook quoting a Nicki Minaj verse. “I’m Angelina, you Jennifer, Come on b-tch, you see where Brad at.”

Well let’s sit back, relax, get out the popcorn and watch this play out.

It’s been confirmed. Our beloved Snooki is three months pregnant. Only problem is the paternity of the child’s father. Keep your head up Snooks because there is always Maury!

Well, guys and dolls, lets wash out those cups! As, always I will be back serving tea that is guaranteed hot!

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