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Religion nurtures or divides everybody

   One of the most delicate issues discussed is religion. 
 There are different interpretations of each religion, but the largest (debate/controversy) is the definition of being Christian.
  Christian: Professing belief in Jesus as Christ or following the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus, relating to or derived from Jesus or Jesus’ teachings, manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus; Christ-like, relating to or characteristic of Christianity or its adherents, showing a loving concern for others; humane.

   There are all these definitions of being Christian, but who can say what being Christian really is?

   What I interpret as Christian-like may not be the same as someone else’s interpretation. Neither is right nor wrong.

   It’s not right preaching on your high stool when you know nothing of that person or their religion.

   I’m not categorizing everyone in the same group. I’m referring to the Bible toting, crucifix wearing type that judge everyone and continue to press their religion on others without cause.

   There is no need to go around acting holier-than-thou and casting your judgments on others.

These types of religious people, extremists, should keep their opinions and judgments to themselves.

   VSU students have experienced this in an abrasive way. Preachers have come to campus to rail against women, Jews, gays, and anyone and anything else they might consider sinful in the eyes of God.

   “I feel like you shouldn’t press your religion on other people,” Wilson O’Neal, a sophomore Spanish major, said. “I think more people have died in history disputing religion than anything else. Religion as a whole is something that should be for the individual. People should believe what they want to believe.”
Religious leaders have advocated violence in the distant past, and some continue to do so now continue to do so now, mostly with politics as a driving factor as well.

   Those people who take their devoutness too far should be an example of why everyone should have a clear understanding of their own faith.

   Just because some people go out and “party” and others drink and smoke does not mean that they are less Christian than anyone else.

   Adding to this controversy is the interpretation on the Bible.

The ones who walk around judging people and telling them they are going to Hell don’t consider the fact that people interpret the Bible in different ways. No one is right or wrong.

   I am tired of people treating others this way, and don’t get me started on church.

   Just because I don’t go to church every Sunday does not make me any less Christian. I don’t attend church because there is no Greek Orthodox Church here in Valdosta.

   How dare anyone think they have the right to frown upon me or any others who don’t attend church on a regular basis?

   No one knows how others connect with their God, and trying to force your ideas on people does not lead them towards your God.

   “I feel like people who are Christian extremist drive people away from God,” Britney McCrae, a sophomore economics and business major, said. “I personally think that everyone (who wants to) has a personal relationship with God and it is no one’s right to “righteously” judge anyone.”

   God spreads his word in his own way to fit every one person. He loves us all even when we sin. “Everyone has flaws and the beauty of my religion is that God forgives us for what we ask to be forgiven,” McCrae said.

   For all you religious Christian extremists out there, you need to find a new approach to spreading The Word.

   Judging others and telling them they’re going to Hell for their sins is to me a sin in itself because only God can judge us.

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