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Faculty honored at Rose Awards

 On Wednesday, the ladies of Sigma Alpha Iota hosted their very first Rose Awards event to honor the music department.
“In the past we’ve done faculty appreciation and our whole purpose is to further the advancement of music. It’s a good way to honor faculty,” President of Sigma Alpha Iota, Mary Sheeley, said.

 The event was a celebration of music educators. It involved presenting superlative awards to faculty in the department and also recognizing department head of music, Dr. James Shrader. There were also musical selections of songs by George Gershwin, Bob Dylan, Brian McKnight, Carrie Underwood and many more.
“It’s just an award show to show how much we appreciate what the faculty does for us,” Ja’nae Shelton, a junior nursing major, said.

 Shelton also presented the audience with a musical selection, singing, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley.

 Sounds of laughter and soft melodies flooded Jeanette Hall as the ladies of Sigma Alpha Iota conducted their final music rehearsal.

 Member Esther Maloof made her way around the auditorium, giggling and chatting with friends. She was suddenly put on the spot by friends insisting that she sing “You Make Me Feel” by Aretha Franklin.

 Fearless, Esther opened her mouth and the sound was lovely.  She later sang the song “Make You Feel My Love” by Bob Dylan.

 The students of the music department voted for their favorite professors. Superlatives included: best dressed, most talented, most swag, most professional, etc.

 Although my professors could not attend the event due to hectic schedules and approaching finals, certificates were presented for each professor’s outstanding efforts and contributions to the music department.

  “We want to thank the music department for giving Sigma Alpha Iota a purpose. Without it, we wouldn’t exist,” Sheeley said.

 The ladies of SAI closed the event by singing their Sigma Alpha Iota Chorale and they wowed the audience with their voices, leaving them wondering how they’ll top this event next year.

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