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PopAddict: Eastwood becomes a verb

Hello World– Anthony here, wrapping up all of the top stories in pop culture that had us buzzing, scratching our heads and yelling at our phones, TVs and computers.

Kicking things off this week, everyone’s favorite grouchy old neighbor and American icon, Clint Eastwood, made a surprise appearance at the Republican National Convention.

Being a staple of American history and cinema, Eastwood’s appearance was geared toward getting everyone excited about our great country and the things presidential hopeful Mitt Romney would do. Depending on whom you ask, it didn’t quite go over that way.

Instead of a speech revealing why Mitt Romney would be a good choice for president, audiences were treated to Eastwood awkwardly rambling and talking to an invisible chair for 30 minutes, which presumably was occupied by an also invisible President Obama.

Social media users quickly took to the Internet to put their two cents in on the speech– and just like that the term ‘Eastwooding’ was born.

The term, used as a verb, refers to the act of yelling at an empty chair. My faith in my generation has officially been restored thanks to this term.

Speaking of the Republican National Convention, it seems that not even Clint Eastwood’s incoherent speech could get enough people to tune into the RNC.

In other news, the “Toddler and Tiaras” spinoff show “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” beat the broadcast and cable coverage of the convention, averaging over 3 million viewers. The show follows its star Alana and her self-proclaimed redneck family as they live their everyday life in a small town in northern Georgia.

Hmm–so more people would rather watch a little girl and her family’s shenanigans than watch a potential leader of the free world speak. That faith in my generation has officially been lost again.

Moving from hot mess families to hot mess actresses–we’re going to use the term ‘actress’ loosely with this one. Lindsay Lohan has yet again found herself in more legal trouble.

The hard- partying actress has been banned from famed celebrity hotel Chateau Marmont after skipping out on a $46,350 bill. The charges are allegedly for alcohol, cigarettes and room service from her summer stay.

Wow, $46,000 on alcohol and cigarettes in just a few short months– how is this girl even still alive? But then again, this is Lindsay Lohan we are talking about– her body has seen so many foreign substances that she probably needs Vodka and cigarettes to survive or else she will die from the withdrawals.

Lohan was also investigated for stealing over $100,000 worth of jewelry from a friend’s house, and being accused of trashing Elizabeth Taylor memorabilia on the set of her new film ‘Liz and Dick.”
Someone please page Oprah, Dr. Phil or Iyanla Vanzant because this girl needs a serious life intervention. Actually I’m sure her life is so far down the gutter even Steve from Blue’s Clues could be some assistance to her.

Be sure to tune into Pop Addict next for the dish on all your favorite celebrities. With the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday there’s no telling what’s going to happen!

Slang used:

“Two-cents”- an opinion; usually unwanted

“Hot mess”- usually referred to someone who acts or thinks in a ridiculous way.

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