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Tropical Depression Isaac not over just yet

Tropical Depression Isaac caused major panic as it arrived on shores of the southern U.S early last week.

Since then, over the past week, Isaac has damaged over 13,000 homes in Louisiana alone and caused power outages in almost one-million homes throughout the south and heartland of the country according to Weather.com

Tragically, the storm has also claimed two lives in its wake.

States from Florida to Illinois have felt some effect of the storm since it touched down as a category one hurricane in New Orleans on Aug. 28, but was soon reduced to a tropical storm.

Major flooding and strong winds ripped through the gulf coast and have many rebuilding everything that they have lost.

Before landfall, Isaac was forecasted to hit the Florida panhandle and work its way to Valdosta during the storm’s height.

Valdosta is no stranger to extreme flooding and rain. In 2009, the city experienced a momentous flood that caused millions in damages and repairs and also forced Former Gov. Sonny Purdue to call for a State of Emergency in the state of Georgia.

“I remember when that flood hit the city,” said VSU Grad Sarah Evans who now works in Valdosta at a local restaurant. “It was pure chaos. Everyone had no internet so no one knew what was going on or happening in town for a few days and everyone panicked.”

Areas around Gornto Road and Jerry Jones Drive were hit the hardest back in 2009 receiving substantial downpours that forced some people to resort to boats for transportation.

The YMCA and areas surrounding it on Jerry Jones Drive were especially bad.

The YMCA Director had no comment about whether the place had adopted new safety or evacuation methods for tropical storms or major floods since the flood in 2009.

“I hope the YMCA has made some changes,” said Marie Strickland, 42, as she left the YMCA from picking her son up. “I would never want my family to be caught in that type of devastation and when I heard Hurricane Isaac was on the way I prayed it would miss the town and it did.”

Tropical Depression Isaac is currently at a standstill sending rain throughout the Midwest and the eye, though decreasing, is close to the city of Chicago.

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