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McKinney invites students to Q&A at SGA meeting

Dr. William McKinney, VSU president, told the SGA Monday night that he intends to take a closer look at parking, and changes could be on the horizon.

Dr. McKinney took questions on topics such as parking, construction and housing maintenance among other things.

“When was the last time VSU did a detailed traffic and parking study?” McKinney said. “It’s been at least five years … We need to get the numbers. We need to get the analysis of our full traffic flow situation, (and) our full parking situation.”

Another issue that was brought up to McKinney was construction.

One senator noted that it was hard to get to Georgia Hall, and that construction was making the campus look like an eyesore.

“There’s a silver lining,” McKinney said in response. “The construction that’s all around Ashley Hall is going to be disappearing very soon, because there’s going to be a ribbon cutting for Ashley Hall in the month of November.”

McKinney also pointed out that the construction around Palms has been delayed largely due to weather.

Another senator, Lorraine Dawkins, expressed frustration with laundry in the on-campus dorms, and the maintenance of the laundry machines.

“We can spend like ten dollars on clothes that should take two dollars to do,” Dawkins said. “I would much rather go to a coin laundry place–which is sad.”

Dawkins also mentioned that Converse Hall doesn’t have a laundry area at all, and those living in that hall have to walk across campus to get their laundry done.

Another senator mentioned that a washing machine in Lowndes Hall flooded, and that a work order that had been filed before the start of the school year, had just been fulfilled the previous day. McKinney requested that the work order be sent to him.

SGA President Ryan Baerwalde mentioned that Dr. McKinney is hoping to do these same question-and-answer sessions with the entire university.

“He did it as a provost back at Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne, except he just did it with faculty, and they got stuff done,” Baerwalde said. “Having all these different minds throwing ideas at you, something’s bound to click, and actually start working.”

The question-and-answer sessions, referred to as “Campus Conversations”, do not have a set date, but is being seriously considered.


-Four senators were elected to the SGA Senate: Jazma Hines, Samuel Logan, Christopher Hawkins, and Yannick Gill. Of the four, Hines is the only one who has not been a part of SGA before.
-Britney McCrae was confirmed as an SGA justice.
-There will not be an SGA meeting next week, but rather the first town hall meeting of the year. It will take place in the Student Union Ballroom A at 7 p.m. next Monday.
-Dean Russell Mast, who was also present at the meeting, said that there was a goal for Lowndes Hall to become a freshman hall by next Fall.

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