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Issue of the Week: Immigration reform

Immigration — the word alone is a controversial and overly-discussed topic in the United States.

Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama possess innovative proposals for reforming immigration, but are the laws and regulations associated with immigration really in need of reform? Or is it simply the lack of enforcing such laws that leads to the loss of millions of dollars per year due to the droves of immigrants who cross our borders illegally?

Romney desires to remove unnecessary temporary work visa requirements to speed up the process for temporary and seasonal agricultural workers. He plans to ensure that no one overstays his or her visa and that the borders are secured with high-tech fencing and security personnel. An employment verification system and elimination of any benefits for illegals also fall under Romney’s plan.

Through the DREAM Act, Obama has kept immigrants who have been in the nation illegally since they were children in the country. In addition, he has allowed for undocumented children and spouses of legal U.S. citizens to apply for legal status. Increased border security and worksite enforcement has also been proposed under President Obama.

“If someone trespasses onto the country’s borders without a proper reason, then they should be sent back to their country,” Alex Lamma, a business administration major, said. “A lack of control on who comes into this country and who doesn’t is an issue of national security and threatens American jobs.” Lamma is an immigrant from Germany who currently holds permanent residency.

 The immigration systems as it stands allows for a quota of immigrants per year from nations worldwide. The current laws and regulations bring in people who are hardworking and determined to uphold a high quality of living. These people are often seeking refuge from poverty and crime. Some come for employment opportunities– others for education. We cannot allow for the degradation of the social services and the opportunities for success that exist for the needy and deserving who strive to support their families and country.

The federal government needs to increase measures to remove those who are infringing on the system. No one who plans to infringe in the slightest on the entitlements of our citizens without first making a sacrifice should go unpunished nor remain within our borders.

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