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Student eliminates book buyback hassle

You buy a textbook for $120 and when selling it back, the bookstore offers you $30. It’s happened to all of us and now there’s a way to avoid it all.

Next semester, students can avoid the disappointment and buy-back hassle completely by using Jebbles.com.

Owner and creator, Jebidiah Light, a senior International Business major at VSU changed the way students can purchase textbooks. The website creates an easier way to buy and sell textbooks without paying the cost of shipping or spending a fortune at the bookstore.

Light created the website for students like him that were having trouble paying for and selling back books.

“The way it works is it gives students a chance to trade, sell or buy books with other students on their own campus,” Light said.

To sign up students pick their state, school and give their VSU email, then they have full access to trade and sell their textbooks with other VSU students.

“Everything on the website is completely confidential,” Light said. “You don’t know their names or if they’re male or female.”

Jebbles.com works in the same way Craigslist does but for textbooks only, so when trading them Light stressed that people meet in public places or on campus.

“It’s a free service for students,” Light said. “I’m not trying to make money from it. I’m actually losing money to keep the website running every month.”

Jebbles.com is not only free to join, but students create their own prices for their books.

The website currently has approximately six hundred members and Light hopes for millions more. Although the date is not set, students will get the chance to sign up and check out the website sometime this month in the Student Union.

Light hopes to have two computers available for students to sign up then and there, as well as the chance to win a prize.

Not only have Georgia schools been introduced to the site, Light said, six other states have signed up. Eventually students can have quick access to other state’s texts without having to change their settings if they cant find it a book at their own campus.

“The website is real simple to use,” Jessica Childers, a sophomore psychology major said. “It doesn’t have all of the books I need for next semester but that’s because its brand new.”

Light’s website has blossomed across Valdosta by word of mouth, local newspapers and television. Students can help each other and their wallets by signing up, For more information, visit www.jebbles.com, sign up and comment.

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