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North Campus construction makes room for students

As North Campus continues to be transformed, students are quickly learning that no place on campus is exempt from the wave of construction that is sweeping over VSU.

On Sept. 10, construction crews blocked off the original parking lot in front of North Campus, and then began clearing away the asphalt five days later.

“One day they came and fenced it off and then after that they went right to work,” Jeffrie Shipley, assistant technology and facilities manager, said.

Now students have to park on the fifth floor of the hospital’s new parking deck, at the baseball fields or the Ashley Cinemas parking lot, forcing students to walk a considerable distance.

“For those of us that bought parking passes it kind of defeats the purpose now that we have to park so far away,” VSU student, Kaitlyn Wille, said.

Fortunately, some good news comes out of this.

After 8 years of attempting, VSU will soon welcome the New Health Sciences and Business Administration building. The building is an attempt to bring nursing students closer to Valdosta’s main Hospital, South Georgia Medical Center.

Cheryl Hatcher, facilities manager of the Langdale College of business is particularly interested in space conservation.

“We have 1400 students here at North Campus and only so many class rooms,” she said. “We’re running out of space and classroom repairs have to take place in ten minute gaps.”

The actual construction hasn’t caused any trouble for classes, though ever present hammering and drilling doesn’t help professors trying to give lectures.


The estimated completion of the building is January 2014

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