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‘Dogs Eating Dogs’ changes Blink 182 style

Written by Veronica Dominicis


Blink 182 released “Dogs Eating Dogs,” an EP, on Dec. 18

An EP, for those who do not know, stands for “extended play.” An EP usually has four to five tracks, which is unlike a typical album which usually consists of 12 songs.

The band Blink 182 has been around since the early 90s’ and in 2005 took a break from each other. Four years later the trio joined again.

The band consists of Tom Delonge, vocalist and guitarist, Mark Hoppus bassist and vocalist and Travis Barker, drummer.

During the band’s break, members took time to create their own musical style. Hoppus and Barker formed the band +44 and produced songs such as “When Your Heart Stops Beating” and “Lillian.”

After the break from Blink 182, Delonge formed the band Angels and Airwaves, which brought a newer genre of pop rock into the music world. The sound created by the band was a futuristic, and out of this world experience. Songs created by them include: “Everything’s Magic”, “The War”, and “Call To Arms.”

“When I Was Young” is the first track on the EP. If familiar with Delonge’s band Angels and Airwaves, then you’ll appreciate the intro. Forty-three seconds into the track, Tom begins singing– again an Angels and Airwaves feel. As the track develops, the chorus turns into a classic Blink 182 feel. It’s a great way to start an EP after waiting to hear Blink 182’s new material.

“Dogs Eat Dogs,” the second track, starts off with Hoppus singing. Overall it is a good song, although I am not feeling it completely. The song does have an old school Blink 182 vibe to it, starting off with a +44 beginning.

The third track, “Disaster,” starts off differently. I guess you could call it a typical Angels and Airwaves beginning, but with a twist. Although an upbeat song, the track’s lyrics show a deeper, almost saddened tone. Travis Barker sets the tone up for this song, and the drum breaks give the song a strong feel.

Finally more acoustic-like, “Boxing Day” is a slower paced song, and like most Blink 182 song is about breakups. This song is more about Hoppus than the band. I do like the change of pace, but I’m not entirely sold on the song.

“Pretty Little Girl “ft. Yelawolf is the last track on the EP. This song reminds me of Blink 182’s style in their 2007 album “Take Off Your Pants And Jacket.” The song’s composition would be best described as a mix of their single “Always” and Angels and Airwaves’ “Good Day”.  The addition of Yelawolf towards the end of the song was interesting but did not flow well.

Overall I would have to say I love the new material from Blink 182. The feel of it sounds like a classic Blink 182, but with elements brought from +44, collaborations from Barker’s independent path and Angels and Airwaves.

Blink 182 seems to be forming a new sound into something that all three want to be the “new” Blink 182, instead of what fans expect them to create. I hope to see more of this material from the trio in the new year. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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One comment

  1. Neighborhoods was pretty good a great way to come back after so many years without the three of them getting together, but you could tell the collaboration wasn’t as good as it could be. I love AVA but I expect something better when the three of them are together. The album leaned too far toward AVA in most songs.

    Dogs Eating Dogs has renewed my faith in blink 182 as one of the greatest bands of all time. I have been following all three in their side projects and the way they mix their experiences with expanding their music on the EP is near to flawless. They way each song isn’t similar to one band but mixes the styles of classic blink 182, AVA, +44, and boxcar Racer is very well done. I am pleased that Mark has a lot more vocals on the EP. He wasn’t featured enough on Neighborhoods. Travis has always been a hero of mine so I thoroughly enjoyed the Yelawolf collaboration. His work with Yelawolf in Psycho White and on his solo album is fun and TRV$DJAM was an excellent mix. They’re all bringing something new to the table and I am very pleased

    These three guys have learned so much with their time apart. I was deeply upset when they broke up, but now I see that it was the absolute best thing to happen for the band. Now that they have no label pushing a specific sound on them I feel we will see the best music from them that they have made.


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