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Golden Key unlocks the door to students’ potential

Written by La’Brit Bulluck


In 1977 a legacy started.

The Golden Key International Society is committed to a high standard of academics, service and leadership by upholding the values of integrity, collaboration, innovation, respect, diversity, excellence and engagement.

Golden Key strives to unlock the potential of each of its members by upholding standards of excellence on-campus and beyond.

This organization has chapters at over 390 colleges and universities in the U.S, Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Bahamas

Golden Key offers its members exclusive opportunities and connections through one million dollars in scholarships and awards, partnerships with major corporations, career advancement and graduate programs.

“Academic, Service, and Leadership are pillars to our future in that they provide us with a means of becoming successful,” Jessica Naranjo, historian, said.

Golden Key organizes activities that benefit and contribute to the welfare of the community.

“Through academics, service, and leadership we can learn how to serve others in a way that not only builds the quality of our lives but the quality of the lives around us,” Naranjo said.

Honorary Members are people who have had a positive impact and continue to impact the people around them.

Golden Key inducts new members once every semester and is recognized at the New Member Recognition Event.

This year the chapter recognized approximately 150 new members.

The top 15% of VSU’s sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students are admitted into Golden Key

“I chose Golden Key because of the numerous benefits that being a part of the organization has to offer,” Naranjo said. “Golden Key does a number of community service events, offers scholarships and allows me to associate with a diverse group of people.”

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