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SGA ends with unresolved issues

Written by Joe Adgie


While the SGA wants to boast “We got this!” the Monday night meeting did not appear that way.

That slogan appears on a proposed t-shirt that was shown to the SGA by the Public Relations Committee and Senator Micah Howell.  The shirt would be worn by senators, and was designed with the purpose of showcasing SGA’s social media presence.

It was the slogan on the shirt that inspired some debate from some senators.

“My only concern is the ‘We got this’, that’s reminiscent of the BET (slogan), ‘we got you’,” Senator Tamelonie Thomas, said.

Thomas explained that the slogan seemed a little too “urban” for the SGA. Thomas’s comments drew laughter from everyone in the room.

The issue was not resolved.

The subject then changed to discussion of SGA senators checking their emails, with several senators commenting that they either didn’t check their email or they didn’t get emails.

After the meeting got back on course, the Rules Committee presented a draft of their open meeting bylaw, which was quickly tabled as two parts of the draft had to be scratched out, and not everyone had a copy of the draft.

Amber Worthy, SGA vice president, indicated that the vote on the bill would occur next week.

“Everybody doesn’t have a copy (of the bill), and it would take a while to read it all,” Worthy said.

The SGA seemed to go off track again later on, as the meeting went from new to miscellaneous business. Senator Jazma Hines even moved to adjourn the meeting before some senators realized that they had forgotten to vote on four hopeful senators. Since the election of senators is required to happen in new business, the meeting resumed.

The SGA elected Ranon Hernan, Rachel Haskins, and Odi Amadi unanimously. John Eagle was elected in a controversial vote that involved numerous senators abstaining from the vote.

Thomas, who abstained from the vote, was asked why so many senators abstained. Thomas said she didn’t know why she had abstained from the vote.

“I’m not sure,” Thomas said. “I really can’t say, you know, we try to do what’s best for the SGA, and we vote on that idea, and we try to stick to that idea.”

DeAsha Randolph was confirmed as a new SGA justice.
Information on the SGA’s budget was not available as of press time.

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