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VSU lacrosse to host Battle of the Border


  VSU lacrosse captain Mike McGuire wants the date Feb. 23 to be saved, because on Saturday the Blazers’ club team will be hosting what is being called “The Battle of the Border.”

   The “Battle of the Border” will be a five team, day-long lacrosse event featuring teams from Georgia and Florida, beginning at 10 a.m. and continuing until 5 p.m.

  “It’s going to be a lot of fun, I’m really looking forward to it, “McGuire said.

 The teams included will be Flagler, Morehouse, Stetson, and Florida Atlantic University.

“They were all excited to come down here. It will be a good event for everyone to come and check (Valdosta) out,” Scott Fritzsche, Vice President of VSU lacrosse, said.  “In honesty, it probably is the biggest thing to happen to Lacrosse in south Georgia, below Macon, above Jacksonville.”

  The event will take place in Lake Park, Ga. largely due to there being limited space near the campus for such a sizable number of teams.

  “When we were setting it up, I was like, ‘we’re so close to the border (that) we were calling it ‘Battle of the Boarder,’ and literally Lake City is on the border. It’s a little south of us, but it’s the last stop before Florida. So, this will literally be ‘The Battle of the Border’,” McGuire said.

   Of course, with an event of this magnitude, there has been a heavy focus on promoting the event leading up to the event.

   “I talked to the Rec center, and their marketing department has come up with an idea for a flyer, and they will print them out and distribute them throughout the dorms and the dining halls,” McGuire added.

Ultimately, the main focus is to generate a buzz about lacrosse in the unfamiliar place, so if it goes well to keep it going in future years.

   “I’m hoping (that) for this tournament if everyone has a good time, next year bump it up and have it at a closer facility, maybe another park around the area.”

  “It will be a fun game to come and watch. Come out and have fun, support the Blazers,” junior midfielder, Matthew Pigg said.

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