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CAB hosts comedy show

Written by John Preer


The stress of midterms is enough to shake the foundation of even the best students. With midterms out of the way some students look for a way to unwind.

As a means of relieving some of that post-test anxiety, the Campus Activities Board held a comedy show on Friday in the Student Union Theater.  The show ran from 8 to 9:30 p.m. and featured two up and coming stand-up comedians.

Lav Luv and Ray Lipowski have had a lot of success in the past few years; both have been featured in many different television, radio, and internet shows. They each bring a unique style of comedy to the stage and are comfortable entertaining both large and small audiences.

Atlanta-based comedian, Luv is probably best known for his participation in the third season of Bill Bellamy’s “Who Got Jokes.” Luv went on to win that season of the popular television series.

He also can be seen on the YouTube show “Entertainment Beatdown.” Luv is the show’s host and uses his urban style of comedy to provide a different perspective on current events and trending news.

Luv’s most recent notable cameo was on the television series “Uptown Comic.” Luv’s style of comedy can be described as a mix between D.L. Hughley and Chris Rock, but make no mistake—his style is no imitation.

Lipowski is from Chicago and has been featured in the Comedy Central show “Russell Simmons Presents: Stand-Up at the El Rey.” In 2005, Lipowski was also featured in P. Diddy’s “Bad Boys of Comedy” on HBO.

Some stand-up aficionados may have recognized Lipowski from other numerous shows such as BET’s “Comic View,” YouTube’s “Comedy after Dark” and “Man Up Stand-Up.” Lipowski’s jokes are brash as well as bold, but stem from the truth.

Ray Lipowski’s performance blended urban elements with modern topics to appeal to the VSU crowd.  Using topics like Facebook, Twitter and text messaging to relate to the college audience was just one of the stylistic strategies used by Lipowski.

Lipowski described his style of comedy as “the best of both worlds—not black, not white—but true.”  Lipowski used his mixed-race marriage and children as the basis for jokes that appealed to the mixed audience.

Like many great comedians, Lipowski excels at using his own life as the basis for his comedy and then highlights the inherent humor that arises from everyday experiences.

Luv’s performance offered a style of jokes that contrasted Lipowski’s brand of humor, but at the same time blended well with the atmosphere of the show. Luv’s specific style of comedy possessed many urban elements that resonated with the crowd.  His jokes were relatable and kept the audience entertained.  Luv has a unique way of looking at current events and exploiting the natural humor of the situations.

Both Luv and Lipowski provided VSU students with jokes that made them laugh and hopefully relax after midterms.

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