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Outsourcing, a way of life

Written by Quasha Ross

Outsourcing has become a way of life here in America and is something our country has become quite fond of.

Outsourcing means exactly what it sounds like—going out to find a source that can supply a specific need. For instance, businesses can obtain products such as machine parts for certain equipment through outsourcing.

Many companies outsource in order to lower firm costs, conserve energy and make efficient use of worldwide labor.

For years, Americans have grown accustomed to the idea that many jobs and skills are being distributed to distant countries. While these essential components of the U.S. economy are being exported overseas, other countries are thriving financially from the business that the U.S. is sending them.

Not only are our products being produced abroad, but our services are also which has created a problem.

Due to outsourcing, highly skilled American workers are losing their jobs because the labor costs are cheaper overseas.

Another big issue is that U.S. companies are finding it much easier to hire outside business in order to provide specialized work, but they opt out of bringing their own companies up to speed on specific techniques and skills.

While our country’s big businesses give work to foreign countries, they limit our country in the process. Let us just say that we are now outsourcing our knowledge.

Today, the United States has an advantage within industries that are comprised of highly skilled workers. These workers possess a strong wealth of knowledge that contributes to the United States’ lead in a flourishing economy.

By having such a high demand for knowledge from foreign countries, these countries benefit from the influx of knowledge and eventually use it for the advancement of their own economy.

Based on the given facts here, we can all agree that outsourcing definitely puts a damper on our education.

There have recently been shifts in enrollment of college students. Students are now leaning toward other majors such as business, as opposed to seeking out computer science or engineering majors.

Students are afraid that if they do pursue a career in these fields mentioned, their jobs could possibly be outsourced overseas for a much cheaper price.

If America continues to outsource, it may go from being a choice to being our only option.

Outsourcing seems to be a way to put faith in foreign entities, believing that they can do a better job and produce better quality than we can here in the United States.

Yes, outsourcing has provided a great deal of growth to U.S. corporations; it has allowed them to cut costs and compete effectively in global markets, but outsourcing has only been beneficial to short term growth.

America needs something to sustain the economy for the long haul, and outsourcing is not the answer.

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