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Tapingo creates ease in ordering paying for dining

Written by Shane Thomas


Lines at the restaurants on campus are known to get out of hand during a busy school day.

In order to fix this problem, VSU Auxilary Services has introduced the Tapingo service.

Tapingo will allow VSU students to order ahead and skip the annoying hustle and bustle of lines, while saving them precious time in the process.

“[Tapingo] will help people in a rush,” said, Deon Thomas, unit supervisor of Chick-Fil-A, Nathan’s, and Starbucks. “It’s more of a convenience thing—you can serve customers in a timely manner.”

Using the app or going to the website, customers can place their order and pick it up expediently.

Tapingo is available on iTunes and Google Play for mobile devices. Tanisha Roberts, unit supervisor of the Palms Retail Center, already has the application on her iPhone.

“I used the [Tapingo] app yesterday,” Roberts said. “For me, being an employee, I can run over, get my food and come back. There’s no wait time so I can get back to work.”

Tapingo not only helps students, but also decreases the stress for restaurant employees when long lines accumulate during the day.

“Employees can better focus on the customers in line,” Thomas said. “It’ll be easier for them to sort out the lines and do their jobs more efficiently.”

Tapingo applies to all campus restaurants, excluding Pinkberry, Chick-Fil-A in the Student Union, Chef’s Table, Starbucks and the Palms and Hopper dining halls. Payment methods include credit and debit cards, as well as 1-Card services such as Flex and Blazer Bucks. For a limited time, those that use Tapingo will receive 10 percent off of their order. For more information, visit Tapingo.com.


This article was corrected and updated April 3.

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