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Sexy celebrity scandals abound

Written by Anthony Pope


Hello World—Anthony here bringing you all the things that had us buzzing this past week in pop culture.


Proving my point that MTV is the starting point for attention seekers, it was reported that ‘Teen Mom” star Farrah Abrams has a sex tape being shopped around for the highest bidder.


The aspiring singer/actress denied that the tape even existed saying that the story was false.


This would have been okay if it wasn’t for the guy in the tape coming out and saying that it did exist. To top it all off the guy in the tape is porn star James Deen.


Deen infamously starred in a crappy movie with Lindsay Lohan last summer that was panned by every movie critic on the planet.


What kind of world do we live in where the biggest controversy in celebrity news is whether or not to believe a girl who capitalized from getting pregnant at 16, or

a porn star who banged Lindsay Lohan in a crappy movie?


Speaking of capitalizing off of things, everyone’s favorite singer, Ray J, somehow found himself back in the news.


In an obvious diss to his ex-girlfriend and former sex tape partner, Kim Kardashian, Ray J released his newest single “I Hit It First.”


Besides that fact that the lyrics point out everything Kim K has done with her love life since dating Ray J, the single’s cover features a blurred out shot of Ms. Kardashian on a beach.


Kim and her family have created an empire off of the tape which sparked more fame.

This song might be considered relevant 6 years ago, but right now Ray J is just coming off as bitter.


If he had been focused on money, which Kim’s family obviously was, instead of collecting those Moesha residual checks maybe he wouldn’t have to release terrible music to pay his mortgage.


Moving on to much happier news, 46-year-old actress Halle Berry announced that she was expecting her second child with fiancé Oliver Martinez.


It was reported that Berry is three months along and expecting a baby boy in the fall.


I’m kind of disappointed that Halle isn’t having a girl because she would have earned major cool points if she had named it something ratchet.


We all know celebrities can get a little ratchet in the naming department, and Halle is no exception.


That does it for Pop Addict this week. Be sure to check back next week to catch up with some of your favorite celebrities.

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