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Pearce appointed dean of the College of the Arts

Written by Neil Frawley


Blake Pearce has been appointed VSU’s newest Dean of the College of the Arts.

Pearce has served as head of the department of art at VSU since 2000, and has served many roles during his 12 years.

According to Pearce’s application sent to the Dean of Search Committee, Pearce wrote:  “I am responsible for all of the administrative activities of the department including curriculum oversight and development, scheduling, personnel, budget, accreditation, assessment and planning.”

Pearce has helped make progress in all areas of his department, including installing ventilation upgrades to the ceramics, print making and jewelry making studios back in 2009. He also helped provide upgrades and equipment improvements in many of the department’s computer labs.

In the summers of 2010 and 2012 he also oversaw improvements to the photography studio.

Pearce likes to employ a synergistic styled approach that focuses on the production of the entire administrative unit, rather than the efforts of the talented individuals that make up the administration.

As it stated in his letter: “As an academic administrator I believe it is important to recognize the fact that any success is part of a collaborative effort within the unit… Unless administration, faculty, and staff can reach a consensus and develop a shared vision for progress then the unit cannot achieve and sustain success.”

Pearce believes that it is important to keep in mind what is best for the students that his department represents.

“I know that Valdosta State University College of the Arts is committed to excellence from all departments and indeed focused on the success of students,” he said.


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