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Pop Addict: Miley Can’t Stop; *NSYNC won’t stop

by: Anthony Pope


Hello, World—Anthony here bringing you everything that had us buzzing this past week in pop culture.

This week the VMAs were on everybody’s mind, and depending on who you ask, the ceremony left nothing to be desired. There was nudity, twerking, shade-throwing and just all around ratchetness—or as I would call it, a normal MTV event.

There was no host for this year’s show, so MTV relied heavily on music performances to carry the show throughout the night.

Kicking things off, everyone’s favorite narcissist, Lady Gaga, opened the show with her current single “Applause.” A song about—what else—herself. It was a normal Gaga performance: a strange outfit, a wig change and a little nudity. All in all, she did OK.

And then things took a turn toward the strange.

Miley Cyrus took the stage to perform her hit single “We Can’t Stop” wearing a yellow two-piece that would make Billy Ray Cyrus cry deep-fried tears.

We are going to use the word “perform” loosely here, because it seems Miley did everything but that.  She bumped, gyrated, twerked and humped teddy bears for a solid three or four minutes.

That wasn’t the end of it. R&B crooner Robin Thicke joined Miley on stage to perform a medley of his hits “Blurred Lines” and “Give it 2 U” where she began to twerk on the happily married singer.

By the end of the fiasco audience members and viewers were disgusted, puzzled or laughing at the whole thing. SMH.

Up next came Kanye West’s performance, or art exhibit, or whatever he’s calling it now.  Regardless, Kanye was Kanye.

Later, Justin Timberlake took to the stage to perform a medley of his hit songs and accept the MTV Vanguard Award.

The best moment of the night came when Justin reunited with his former *NSYNC band mates to perform a couple of their old songs.

While it was nice to see the old gang back together, it looked like they could have rehearsed a little more.

Joey Fatone looked as though he was about to bust out of the suit they stuffed him in, and a couple of the boys looked a little stiff; granted, they are not in their twenties anymore.

On top of that, the door Chris Kirkpatrick was supposed to drop into at the end of the performance malfunctioned, which caused him to have to exit the stage on while JT was accepting his Vanguard Award. Awkward.

Rumors quickly turned to talk of a reunion tour or album. No one has confirmed either, but I’m pretty sure the only people checking for one are anyone who isn’t Justin Timberlake.

On top of the bazillion performances, MTV managed to hand out a few awards too.  Justin Timberlake took home “Video of the Year,” One Direction took home “Song of the Summer” and Macklemore took home “Best Hip Hop Video.”

The always-delightful Katy Perry closed out the show with a performance of her current #1 hit “Roar” under the Brooklyn Bridge.

As always, check back with Pop Addict next week to catch up on the latest celebrity news.

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