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Student organization presidents meet at roundtable

by Alexis Waters


Student organization rules have been a popular topic on campus for the past week. Just in time to address concerns, the first Presidents’ Roundtable meeting was held yesterday at 6 p.m.

“I’m here to make sure you have tools to be successful,” Kirk Johnson, graduate assistant of student organizations, said.

The room started with five presidents from different organizations on campus such as the VSU Vets, the Young Conservatives of America, NAACP and the Arnold Air Society but quickly filled up with presidents from over 30 organizations.

Johnson’s purpose was to quickly and efficiently address issues and interests among organizations on campus by creating a one-on-one platform where their voices can be heard.

The Presidents’ Roundtable was also created to help organizations interact more by sharing creative ideas and to influence and help chart the course for future services and support provided to student organizations.

The meeting began with a short video which defined organization effectiveness versus organization efficiency. Effectiveness implies doing the right thing while efficiency on the other hand means doing things right even when they’re wrong.

Johnson stood by this statement wholeheartedly by agreeing that doing the right thing is always better that just doing things that are right.

Afterward, presidents introduced themselves and what their organizations represent.

Johnson reassured the audience of presidents that the first meeting would be more informative this time but that future meetings would be more of a shared learning experience.

“We need to ask ourselves ‘what is the most important thing I should be doing in my business or organization in order for my business or organization to survive and grow?’” Johnson said to the room full of organization presidents.

Taton Thomson, president of the Young Conservatives of America, was eager like many other presidents to ask questions regarding new regulations for organizations discussed during the meeting.

Johnson answered questions with detailed responses, and for those he was unsure of he insisted on speaking with that president after the meeting to address any concerns.

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