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Robbery prompts ATM relocation

Written by: Joe Adgie/Photo by: Ritsuki Miyazaki


The ATM at the University Center is moving to the Student Union.

That was revealed by VSU President Dr. William McKinney at last Thursday’s Faculty Senate meeting during his question and answer session.

Dr. McKinney explained the reasoning behind the move.

“An ATM should be in the Student Union,” Dr. McKinney said. “It’s more well-lit, there’s more student traffic, that ATM is not in an ideal and safe location. That ATM is going to be moved.”

The decision was in response to the robbery incident at the UC ATM on Oct. 3, when a student was forced at gunpoint to withdraw $1,000 from his account.

Student reaction has been very positive.

“I think it would be beneficial if they moved the ATM closer to main campus, based on the recent situation where there was a kidnapping,” Claire Contevita, senior mass media major, said. “It is dangerous there, especially in the middle of the night, and I know a lot of students live on campus. If they want to get money and they want to go out, they have to go all the way out in the dark, and that’s not safe.”

Contevita felt that if the ATM was moved to a more populated area, it would be safer for students.

“The ATM movement to the Student Union would be an excellent idea,” Christopher Powell, freshman undecided major, said. “It’s closer, it’s more safe, well-populated, it’s not in some random parking lot that you go to in the middle of the night. It just seems a lot safer in the Student Union.”

There was no timetable announced on the ATM relocation.

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