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Complex Crazies pumped for new hoop season

Written by: Lia Armistead


With the start of the VSU basketball season less than two weeks away, Blazer fans are getting ready for the weeks to come.

 Starting in the early 90’s, the Complex Crazies have been the Blazer’s most dedicated fans throughout every basketball season.
The Crazies are a large group of students that come together under the basket closest to the opposing team to cheer on the Blazers and distract the other players.
To accomplish this goal, the Crazies do research on opposing teams and coaches and figure out unexpected information, and scream them out in a chant during games.
“The best part is hackling the other teams’ players and realizing we got into their head,” said Tim Bice, Complex Crazies’ new leader, following in the footsteps of Mark Kieser.
As a student organization, the Crazies’ goals are to have fun but represent Valdosta State in a memorable yet appropriate way.
“We’re representing Valdosta State as a whole, so we’re trying to paint it in a good way,” said Brice.
To live up to the name “Crazies,” these students are the loudest and most energetic fans in the stands determined to get all students to join in with their chants.
Usually standing in the first two rows are three eye catching characters dressed as a banana, a gorilla, and a chicken. These characters are famous for chasing each other around the Complex, with hopes of entertaining the fans and distracting opposing players.
With the upcoming season, Bice has plans to create theme nights, where all the Crazies dress the same way, including Duck Dynasty night and Superhero night.
As a great way to meet new and different people, the Complex Crazies encourage students and alumni to come out to the games and meet them under the basket to cheer on and support the Blazers at every home game.

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