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University security increases visibility on campus

by Von Kennedy


At the Faculty Senate meeting on Oct. 17, President Dr. William McKinney said the University would adapt a more visible security presence.

Since the stabbing of VSU student Antoine Bray on the Pedestrian Mall and the kidnapping and robbery of another student near the ATM at the University Center, VSUPD and Student Security Patrols have been a staple nightly on main campus.

Police vehicles are normally parked near Georgia Hall and officers walk the campus.

“There has been an extra officer working the pedestrian mall almost every night,” VSUPD officer Caleb Reid said.

In addition to increased security presence, Dr. McKinney stated that all cell phone and office numbers have been added to the Emergency Alert System.

Students and faculty are able to opt-out of the system if they do not want to receive the emergency alerts.

Also, due to thefts occurring in the psychology and history departments, discussion was held in regards to cameras and super grand master key inventory. Dr. McKinney agreed to follow up on this with the key shop according to the minutes from the meeting.

Students are aware of the enhanced presence of officers and security but are still leery to walk at night.

“I feel like (the police presence) is a good thing, but I still feel like I need my pepper spray,” Crystal Leschke, sophomore exercise physiology major, said.

Leschke also stated that on a scale from one to 10–with 10 being very dangerous–she feels VSU’s campus is at a five.

“A lot of people I know are afraid to go to the library at night still,” Cassidy James, sophomore undecided major, said.

If VSU members have any information or questions, they can call VSUPD at 259- 5555.

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