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Fall break making a comeback

Written by Joe Adgie


The students of VSU want fall break back.

The senators of the SGA determined that in the week leading up to Monday night’s meeting, and received over 3,000 responses from students.

“The majority for fall semester came out to a two-day fall break, a full week of thanksgiving, and a full week of finals,” said senator Nick Buford. “For spring, the majority came out for a two-day February winter break, full week spring break, and full week final exams.”

This determination will be presented as a statement of support to the Academic Scheduling Committee at their next meeting on Nov. 19.

The senators received their responses by going to the students, rather than the students going to them. This led to senators getting suggestions on other issues concerning them as well as the scheduling concerns.

For instance, senators Michael Prince and Paige Cox went to a group of students on Sunday afternoon asking for their opinions on the schedule and left with ideas for bussing students out of VSU for Thanksgiving break.

“They were wondering if we would be able to get buses, and they said that they would be willing to pay money to take a bus to go to major cities,” Cox said.

Cox pointed out that these students had said that their parents were not able to bring them back to these towns.

A professor at the meeting, Dr. Michael Noll, expressed approval with what the SGA had done over the past week.

“I think we can find the best of all solutions if we would have the two days early, then the full week later, and also more time for finals,” Noll said. “It’s really going to be helpful for the folks at the Academic Scheduling Committee working on that to get that done.”

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